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Come visit me at and see what I’ve been working on over the past several months! New site, expanded services and some truly cutting edge resources to help you find a place of peace within yourself…Hope to see you there!

Wishing You Peace in Mind, Body, and Spirit,
Madeleine St.Jacques


Decision-Making: A Rich, Emotional Tapestry


Here we are at the tail-end of January and it seems like the perfect time to check in with you. January is traditionally a month of ‘new-ness’ and changes. We make resolutions and plant seeds for growth. So, my loves, what I’m wondering is, how’s that all going for you? So many of us pine for a fresh start and know we need to make changes, but don’t know where to begin. We may have trouble deciding what to tackle first and how to sort of re-pattern our lives so to speak. Where’s that clarity when you need it?!?


Well, recently I sent a survey to some clients asking what their greatest challenge was regarding decision-making. WOW! I was gifted with such honest and insightful feedback that really got me thinking about how much angst and emotional turmoil is involved with this subject  — ‘tis a rich tapestry, indeed!

Believe me, when I say, I really get where you’re at! I truly understand how it feels to struggle with a decision because you’re able to see all the angles, and see a myriad of possibilities before you…how to pick the “right” one? And how can you stay true to your decision if someone else decides to chime in with their reservations or expectations. Or even more anxiety provoking is the idea that your decision or process of decision-making might upset others or be subjected to judgment and scrutiny. GAH! I know, it’s enough to send you running. And let’s not even broach the subject of ‘follow-through’…

You might be asking yourself, “what’s wrong with me? So-and-so just does whatever they feel like, and damn the consequences.” “ I wish I could be more like {fill-in-the-blank}  – they seem to  make up their minds so easily and quickly and stick to their guns no matter what anyone says to them.” “Why am I so wishy-washy?” “It’s just that I can really see the value of all these considerations!!”

Well, you know what? I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with valuing  different points of view, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong about needing to take your time to feel your way into a decision, or changing your mind on a dime,  AND there’s nothing wrong with making strong, spontaneous decisions. There is no absolute, single, correct way to make choices – what matters most is doing what’s right for you.  Period.  And that means honoring your own process. You have your own way of navigating the world that’s unique and brilliant and special. And I know –I know — I can feel some of you protesting right now because, well, easier said than done, right? It can be a very uncomfortable process that leaves you feeling bunged and frustrated. I hear you. There’s a lot of mixed emotions wrapped up in this, I know.

Some of us may feel responsible for others’ expectations; we don’t want to let anybody down or disappoint anyone. You may be someone who feels others’ emotional energy and the idea of upsetting anyone or creating any kind of emotional wave is just unbearable – you want to crawl under a rock. Some of you might be questioning your judgment because you’ve made some “bad” decisions in the past that you think were either “too hasty” or “too emotional” and you’re afraid of repeating the same “mistake”, and being stuck with the consequences with no chance for doing it over again the “right” way. *sigh* It’s just exhausting isn’t it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Did you know that we are not all ‘wired’ to approach decision making in the same way?

Did you know that some of us are simply designed to be more open-minded and easily influenced by others’ thoughts, opinions, and expectations? And there are others who know what they know and aren’t swayed or bothered by outside influences and may be more rigid in their beliefs.

Some of you need to be able to experiment and explore different options – giving yourself permission to make “mistakes” along the way, because that’s how you learn what is and isn’t correct for you. And that’s okay – truly!

This does not make you “less than” or “deficient” in any way. And I understand the trap of comparing yourself to someone else and wanting an easier time of it, an easier process. I can’t stop you from wanting what’s on the other side of the fence where the grass seems greener. What I can help you with is showing you how you’re wired to navigate the world in a way that allows you to grow to love and honor yourself, warts and all, as they say. 🙂  No apologies. It is possible, I promise you.

Sound good? Interested in a consultation?  Well then, I invite you to reach out to me. The consultation is free. It’s my gift to you.

Sending you lots of love and blessings!

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You will now be able to sign up for a either a complimentary 30-minute coaching or Human Design consultation — Your choice!

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Madeleine St.Jacques

“Thanksgivukkah” Transits and Insights


Some spontaneous thoughts about tomorrow’s Human Design transits and upcoming “Activations” happening this weekend that I hope you all will appreciate 🙂

So, I just had a lovely conversation with a dear and wise Projector friend of mine, Ilona Hress (from and she passed along a helpful heads up regarding some activations that will be happening this weekend in our 5th dimensional root chakras. What follows are my initial insights — more details to come over the next several days…so stay tuned!

She shared with me that these activations have to do with the shift in masculine energies that have been at play for a bit now (for a more in-depth understanding, Ilona has written many articles about 5D Relationships and the changes occurring in our auric fields, which you can read about here.)   I can’t yet put it all into words at the moment–I’m piecing it together as I type, but please bear with me because it just makes SO much sense somehow and truly gives me hope — this much needed reframing of the traditional ideas of masculine “power” and support.

Ilona’s news was also interesting to me from a Human Design standpoint in light of the sun moving into the Gate 9 {energies of intense focus} tomorrow and its location in the bodygraph. Though the Gate 9 is located in the Sacral, the 9-52 channel connects the sacral to the root and my gut feel is that this transit is going to pave the way for some much needed bio-energetic>>>evolutionary shifts that are coming down the pike. Reflecting on this further, now, even the current configuration of the 34 in the sun and the 20 in the earth {Masculine and Feminine energies} the 57-20 {Venus and Earth} and the 34-57 {Sun and Venus} that have been at play have set a truly catalytic stage for this activated shift to take place.

So, there’s this very powerful interplay of Masculine and Feminine energies happening right now. It’s almost like they’re co-creating the space for this to happen; co-collaborating in a way that wasn’t possible before. It’s like 5D problem solving — each side bringing their highest and best to the table.

The Masculine and Feminine archetypes are being illuminated (the flame has been lit under the kettle so to speak), we have the energy for increased awareness around the shifts that are happening with the ‘old’ AND the sustained energy to support our actions around making these new changes in our daily lives and in the larger picture — WOW!!!

What a powerful (and empowering) configuration this is! And so interesting to look at these transits through a practical and an evolutionary lens as well. On a personal level, it’s given me a wonderful boost of energy that I don’t normally have ready access to and it’s assisted me with writing, and communication in general. It’s definitely enhanced my intuition and thus allowed me to support some people who are very precious to me– holding the space for them to finally arrive at some clarity that was so dearly needed.

How have these energies shown up for you? I’m wondering if you’ve had a deeper or hightened awareness of what’s been simmering in the evolutionary pot so to speak 🙂 If so, I would love to hear about it and invite you to share your thoughts.

Wishing you all so much love and peace,

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A 60-minute personal coaching session with me will provide you with fresh perspective on how to move forward in your career, get the most out of your relationships, and how to best respond to new opportunities. This could be just the thing to start your holiday season on the right foot.

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Wishing you all a joyous holiday season!

Sensitivity and Openness in Human Design *Video*


What would it take for you to feel more comfortable and confident in the world. Are you “sensitive”? An empath, perhaps? Are you the parent of a highly-sensitive child? I’ve got a video for you today – a first for “Freedom by Design” and a new medium for me to be sure! It’s a topic I’ve been thinking a LOT about lately that I’m looking to explore in a class I’m developing. For those that struggle with sensitivity, for those who feel deeply affected by others’ energies and perhaps feel at times like they’re at the mercy of whatever life decides to throw at you — let’s talk about how to reframe these experiences positively through Human Design! And let’s connect you to a place of peace, power, and strength!

So, I’m inviting you to watch this brief video and  I’m wondering if you’d be open to sharing or privately emailing me your ideas, concerns, or questions about this topic?

Warmly and with Love,
Madeleine St.Jacques

Your Way is Your Way: Bridging the Gap


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It is said that we all deserve to be abundant, joyful.

What happens when these holy grails are not showing up in our lives?

How can we be ok with not being ok?

Such times are a perfect, real-life example of how understanding your Human Design can bring you clarity, can gift you with ease and acceptance, and free you to be more compassionate with yourself. And in times of doubt or hardship, these are prized commodities, yes?

When we look at the ebb and flow of our lives through the lens of Human Design, what we see is that each one of us is unique – we all experience the world quite differently; so comparing ourselves to those who are doing well and questioning, “Why can’t I just…” or “they’ve done it, so why didn’t it work for me?” does us SUCH a disservice. It undermines OUR way of being in the world. We’re so hungry for change and success sometimes that we want to leap into action – we follow someone else’s recipe for success because maybe deep down we don’t trust our own, or we don’t think we have the right ingredients, so to speak.

The simple truth is, we have everything we need – always — . We just need a reminder that it’s there, and sometimes we need someone to help bridge the gap for us.

Understanding your Human Design chart, and your personal blueprint will remind you that we’re not all designed to leap into action; that it’s not correct for some of us to make spontaneous decisions; that we’re not all designed to be worker bees and there’s nothing wrong with our work ethic, thank you very much; Some of us are wired for synchronicity and are able to trust our intuition; others need to take the long-way-round and bump up against things in life in order to find purpose.


Whatever it is you find yourself bumping up against in your life at the moment, know this, please; your way is your way – it is unique, it is valuable, and you are wise. There is a part of you that knows, period. We all have access to it – the Universe, Source, etc.,  wants us to have this knowledge, to be happy, to be at ease, to be successful, to wake up with purpose, no matter what form that may take on any given day.


Your way is your way, and it’s brilliantly designed for you.

Questions?  Comments?  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t have your chart yet? Send me an email and I’ll get it to you straight away.

Take good care of yourself,


A Gift of Serenity Today…


There is a gift of serenity today…a space of serenity today…can you feel it?
A break from the intensity we’ve been experiencing lately — a delicious break from all of the profound excavation and paradigm shifting that’s been occurring…
This is a neighborhood we haven’t visited in a while, yes?
It’s like floating on your back in the middle of a lake, perfectly supported and enveloped…buoyant.
All you can hear are the calm depths of the water.
There’s surrender, here.
There’s trust, here.
There’s support, here.
There’s strength, here.
No drama…No doubts…
I AM, here.
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*WELCOME to Freedom by Design!*


Are you out in the world confidently and joyfully expressing who you are?
What would it take for you to feel capable and resilient?
Allow me to remind you, in this moment, how powerful, brilliant, and unique you are.

My name is Madeleine St. Jacques and I truly enjoy partnering with my clients and supporting their journeys.

As a Certified Human Design Specialist and Coach, I offer my clients a unique perspective on how they can live to their fullest potential and honor their individuality.  ‘Human Design’ is a cutting edge personality assessment tool that illuminates how you best relate to yourself and the world and (what I love most about Human Design) gives you the freedom to accept yourself as you are.

As my client, you’ll receive a personalized Human Design chart and an interpretation session that will reveal your unique ‘type’ and ‘strategy’. You’ll learn how you can use this valuable information as a springboard and pathway to discovery and success.

As a family coach, my desire and goal is for each member to feel empowered, loved, and capable. We go beyond traditional parenting strategies and explore new paradigms and approaches that are positive and effective.

Prior to becoming a Human Design specialist, I was a publishing professional and marketing consultant, collaborating with practitioners and small businesses. I combined my professional skills with my intuitive gifts to help my clients understand where they were at, where they wanted to go, and how to get there.

I am also the mom of a highly-spirited, uniquely gifted daughter. She inspires me to parent “by design” every day and I love guiding other parents to do the same.

My recipe for a successful and joyful life includes  Acceptance, Humor, Experimentation, Freedom, and Abundance. Human Design has opened the door for me to receive these gifts and I am eager to share them with you. Imagine how wonderful it will be to look at yourself through a new lens. Think of how good it will feel to free yourself from the challenges you’ve been struggling with.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of this amazing and illuminating tool. Get your free chart today!

Much love,
Madeleine St. Jacques

Spotlight On: Ilona Anne Hress and


In the coming months, my intention is to begin to honor the people and resources that I love, that have brought me comfort, peace, and support over the years — highlighting the cutting-edge information and resources they provide.

This month, I am honored to shine the spotlight on:
Ilona Anne Hress (LCSW, Rev.) and GROWING CONSCIOUSNESS: The Center for Evolutionary Creativity
Ilona Anne Hress is a Spiritual Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Multi-dimensional Channeler, Crystal Therapist

Ilona Anne Hress, LCSW, Rev.

Ilona Anne Hress, LCSW, Rev.

and Author of “A New Civilization of Peace”. She is also a gifted and engaging public speaker.
You will find an abundance of information here re: everything you ever wanted to know about Fifth-dimensional evolution and living; assistance and tools to support your evolutionary development; learn about Ilona’s monthly classes and New Moon/Planetary Activation gatherings; articles; inquire about individual sessions with Ilona. This is truly unique and valuable information that you are unlikely to find elsewhere 🙂

*Upcoming Events*
The 5D Auric Field – Class on Friday, Sept. 27 in Blauvelt, NY
Here’s a brief class description: “Our fifth dimensional chakras now grant us access to higher dimensional experiences that promote our fulfillment into soul-embodied human beings capable of making enlightened choices for abundant peace. Join Ilona to experience the new flow patterns, colors, and sounds of your crystallized 5D auric field. Discover the gifts of your 5D subtle bodies and learn how to engage intentional manifestation through your expanded auric energies to promote personal and planetary fulfillment.”

For full details and registration info, visit the Events page at

*Connect with Ilona*
Her practice is based in NJ