Monthly Archives: October 2012

A Loving Reminder as You Begin Your Week…


courtesy of the “Human Design System” facebook page.

Simply beautiful. Such truth in these words, yes? And a powerfully loving reminder as we all begin a new week that we are all uniquely valuable; we all have a place; that the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the universe is to just be courageous enough to be ourselves. Learning, Embracing, and Living our Human Design is our ticket to compassion, acceptance, and freedom : ) Much love to you all! ~Madeleine


Thrive, I say — THRIVE : )


Are you feeling like you’re in unchartered waters without a roadmap or instruction manual? Contact me for your FREE HUMAN DESIGN CHART today and start feeling like the empowered, lovable, and joyful miracle you truly are! You deserve to thrive : )