“The Gift of Our Wounds”: A Launchpad for Compassion and Change?


I just had to share this video posted in Shambhala Sun magazine’s “Sun Space”.
This piece called, “The Gift of Our Wounds” by Michael Stone, asks us to reframe the story of our “wounds” and “limitations”; to regard our wounds as tools of compassion. We really can see the sources of our suffering as sources of wisdom. This video is so inspiring and speaks to me on many levels. It’s a reminder how the ‘issues’ in our lives that cause us grief and angst can be a wellspring of wisdom- not just for ourselves but for others as well. As we work to grow and evolve, we each have our own process. And it’s easy to get absorbed in our ‘work’ – or to question why we’re doing it at all because we’ve been at it so long. We get impatient, eager to get to the finish line – you know…that mythical oasis of accomplishment we all daydream about and wish for where nothing ever bothers us, we’re able to take everything in stride, and all our problems are ‘solved’? Most of us probably don’t consider how the work that we’re doing – the ongoing bravery and courage that’s a part of our own process of coping/overcoming/finding joy in the world and in our lives, inspires others to do the same. As Michael Stone says, our ‘road blocks’ become springboards of change and compassion.

It’s these sentiments that I love so much about Human Design. There’s no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ aspects or energies in our charts – just sources of wisdom. The things that we rail against and resist in our lives provide us opportunities to grow, learn and guide.
Discovering our ‘Design’ gives us the freedom to let go of the heavy loads we’ve been carrying around; to let go of the judgments. We may even experience relief, because we now finally know why we do what we do and know who we are on a much deeper level.

On a personal note, learning that I was designed (as a 6/3 profile) to go through a rich tapestry of experiences in my life (a.k.a. drama) and that others would be watching me go through my process and learning from it themselves, just shifted everything for me. It really helped me reframe the limiting beliefs I had about my life. Knowing that I was equipped with my own map and compass – my own decision making strategy that’s correct for me — allowed me to stop comparing myself to others. What a gift!

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch Michael Stone’s video and consider discovering for yourself how Human Design is such an effective vehicle and tool for change and compassion.

Always Peace,


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