Monthly Archives: March 2013

Inspirations Abound: Video; Family Coach Training; Shared Insights


I have a mixed tapestry of offerings for you to enjoy today.

1) First, a video/animation about Human Design that was made for the HD Contest for the Human Design Festival 2013 in Ibiza entitled: ” What is Human Design ? “

credits: Jemima Flewitt, Oliver Jackson, Richard Flewitt and Joy Jackson

2) Want to empower parents with the skills for creating strong, healthy families? On March 18, 2013, my teacher and mentor, Karen Curry will be facilitating  a  Family Coach Certification Training program.  This is a powerful way for you to help parents raise vibrant, resilient children.  You have the option of attending live –OR, you can attend the  four-day training via video.  Click here to learn more!

3) Excerpt from a recent post from Karen Curry; this was such an inspiration for me today and struck a deep chord of resonance within me:

I asked my vibrant client why she thought her life worked so well and how it was that she mastered the Projector strategy.  Her reply was simple.

 “I had great parents who taught me that I was too precious to waste my time and energy with people who don’t recognize what I have to bring and the power of who I am.”

Good parents.

When Human Design was first discovered, the founder of the Human Design System, Ra Uru Hu, revealed that Human Design is actually for our children.  But to help the children, we have to start with ourselves first.

The time is now to make a powerful, positive difference in the lives of our own children and the children of the world.

Can you imagine how different the world will be when all children are raised by parents who know how to support the unfoldment of each magnificent soul that is born on this planet.  Parents who accept their children for who they truly are, support their strengths, teach them how to interface with the world in an authentic and powerful way…