Monthly Archives: May 2013

Disarming Our Fears


Two offerings for you this morning. The first, an amazing piece from “The Shamanic Poet” titled, Resistance.

The second, a weekly affirmation and song from my mentor, Karen Curry.
Both plucked a very deep chord within me, for sure. And I so love and appreciate how both of these pieces offer us practical wisdom to disarm and deflate our fears and challenges 🙂

Resistance | The Shamanic Poet
“Excuses will show up on the path –  any path – your fear of spiders, your sense that you don’t count, are alone, aren’t spiritual, can’t do the things others do. Name your own fears. Fear is just a feeling and all feelings  are mere phantoms but the pain is real when you slap yourself. Allow the hand print on your cheek and gaze at it until it dissipates. When  you create an excuse, then catch it in your palm, you receive a glimpse of the shining soul that lives within.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

From Karen Curry | Human Design for Everyone

“This week we speak from the soul with the Gate 8 expressing in the sun (starting on Wednesday). So, how about a special song this week…just for YOU…

Our Affirmation: My contribution to humanity is important. I commit myself to making my contribution by expressing my authenticity to its fullest extent. The world needs me to play the role I intended to play and the greatest contribution I make is to share my Light, my Love, Myself with the world. I never hold back. I radiate. I am a crucial part of the Light of the Wholeness of Mankind.”