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*WELCOME to Freedom by Design!*


Are you out in the world confidently and joyfully expressing who you are?
What would it take for you to feel capable and resilient?
Allow me to remind you, in this moment, how powerful, brilliant, and unique you are.

My name is Madeleine St. Jacques and I truly enjoy partnering with my clients and supporting their journeys.

As a Certified Human Design Specialist and Coach, I offer my clients a unique perspective on how they can live to their fullest potential and honor their individuality.  ‘Human Design’ is a cutting edge personality assessment tool that illuminates how you best relate to yourself and the world and (what I love most about Human Design) gives you the freedom to accept yourself as you are.

As my client, you’ll receive a personalized Human Design chart and an interpretation session that will reveal your unique ‘type’ and ‘strategy’. You’ll learn how you can use this valuable information as a springboard and pathway to discovery and success.

As a family coach, my desire and goal is for each member to feel empowered, loved, and capable. We go beyond traditional parenting strategies and explore new paradigms and approaches that are positive and effective.

Prior to becoming a Human Design specialist, I was a publishing professional and marketing consultant, collaborating with practitioners and small businesses. I combined my professional skills with my intuitive gifts to help my clients understand where they were at, where they wanted to go, and how to get there.

I am also the mom of a highly-spirited, uniquely gifted daughter. She inspires me to parent “by design” every day and I love guiding other parents to do the same.

My recipe for a successful and joyful life includes  Acceptance, Humor, Experimentation, Freedom, and Abundance. Human Design has opened the door for me to receive these gifts and I am eager to share them with you. Imagine how wonderful it will be to look at yourself through a new lens. Think of how good it will feel to free yourself from the challenges you’ve been struggling with.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of this amazing and illuminating tool. Get your free chart today!

Much love,
Madeleine St. Jacques


Spotlight On: Ilona Anne Hress and


In the coming months, my intention is to begin to honor the people and resources that I love, that have brought me comfort, peace, and support over the years — highlighting the cutting-edge information and resources they provide.

This month, I am honored to shine the spotlight on:
Ilona Anne Hress (LCSW, Rev.) and GROWING CONSCIOUSNESS: The Center for Evolutionary Creativity
Ilona Anne Hress is a Spiritual Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Multi-dimensional Channeler, Crystal Therapist

Ilona Anne Hress, LCSW, Rev.

Ilona Anne Hress, LCSW, Rev.

and Author of “A New Civilization of Peace”. She is also a gifted and engaging public speaker.
You will find an abundance of information here re: everything you ever wanted to know about Fifth-dimensional evolution and living; assistance and tools to support your evolutionary development; learn about Ilona’s monthly classes and New Moon/Planetary Activation gatherings; articles; inquire about individual sessions with Ilona. This is truly unique and valuable information that you are unlikely to find elsewhere 🙂

*Upcoming Events*
The 5D Auric Field – Class on Friday, Sept. 27 in Blauvelt, NY
Here’s a brief class description: “Our fifth dimensional chakras now grant us access to higher dimensional experiences that promote our fulfillment into soul-embodied human beings capable of making enlightened choices for abundant peace. Join Ilona to experience the new flow patterns, colors, and sounds of your crystallized 5D auric field. Discover the gifts of your 5D subtle bodies and learn how to engage intentional manifestation through your expanded auric energies to promote personal and planetary fulfillment.”

For full details and registration info, visit the Events page at

*Connect with Ilona*
Her practice is based in NJ