Your Way is Your Way: Bridging the Gap


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It is said that we all deserve to be abundant, joyful.

What happens when these holy grails are not showing up in our lives?

How can we be ok with not being ok?

Such times are a perfect, real-life example of how understanding your Human Design can bring you clarity, can gift you with ease and acceptance, and free you to be more compassionate with yourself. And in times of doubt or hardship, these are prized commodities, yes?

When we look at the ebb and flow of our lives through the lens of Human Design, what we see is that each one of us is unique – we all experience the world quite differently; so comparing ourselves to those who are doing well and questioning, “Why can’t I just…” or “they’ve done it, so why didn’t it work for me?” does us SUCH a disservice. It undermines OUR way of being in the world. We’re so hungry for change and success sometimes that we want to leap into action – we follow someone else’s recipe for success because maybe deep down we don’t trust our own, or we don’t think we have the right ingredients, so to speak.

The simple truth is, we have everything we need – always — . We just need a reminder that it’s there, and sometimes we need someone to help bridge the gap for us.

Understanding your Human Design chart, and your personal blueprint will remind you that we’re not all designed to leap into action; that it’s not correct for some of us to make spontaneous decisions; that we’re not all designed to be worker bees and there’s nothing wrong with our work ethic, thank you very much; Some of us are wired for synchronicity and are able to trust our intuition; others need to take the long-way-round and bump up against things in life in order to find purpose.


Whatever it is you find yourself bumping up against in your life at the moment, know this, please; your way is your way – it is unique, it is valuable, and you are wise. There is a part of you that knows, period. We all have access to it – the Universe, Source, etc.,  wants us to have this knowledge, to be happy, to be at ease, to be successful, to wake up with purpose, no matter what form that may take on any given day.


Your way is your way, and it’s brilliantly designed for you.

Questions?  Comments?  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t have your chart yet? Send me an email and I’ll get it to you straight away.

Take good care of yourself,



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