Sensitivity and Openness in Human Design *Video*


What would it take for you to feel more comfortable and confident in the world. Are you “sensitive”? An empath, perhaps? Are you the parent of a highly-sensitive child? I’ve got a video for you today – a first for “Freedom by Design” and a new medium for me to be sure! It’s a topic I’ve been thinking a LOT about lately that I’m looking to explore in a class I’m developing. For those that struggle with sensitivity, for those who feel deeply affected by others’ energies and perhaps feel at times like they’re at the mercy of whatever life decides to throw at you — let’s talk about how to reframe these experiences positively through Human Design! And let’s connect you to a place of peace, power, and strength!

So, I’m inviting you to watch this brief video and  I’m wondering if you’d be open to sharing or privately emailing me your ideas, concerns, or questions about this topic?

Warmly and with Love,
Madeleine St.Jacques


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