“Thanksgivukkah” Transits and Insights


Some spontaneous thoughts about tomorrow’s Human Design transits and upcoming “Activations” happening this weekend that I hope you all will appreciate 🙂

So, I just had a lovely conversation with a dear and wise Projector friend of mine, Ilona Hress (from GrowingConsciousness.com) and she passed along a helpful heads up regarding some activations that will be happening this weekend in our 5th dimensional root chakras. What follows are my initial insights — more details to come over the next several days…so stay tuned!

She shared with me that these activations have to do with the shift in masculine energies that have been at play for a bit now (for a more in-depth understanding, Ilona has written many articles about 5D Relationships and the changes occurring in our auric fields, which you can read about here.)   I can’t yet put it all into words at the moment–I’m piecing it together as I type, but please bear with me because it just makes SO much sense somehow and truly gives me hope — this much needed reframing of the traditional ideas of masculine “power” and support.

Ilona’s news was also interesting to me from a Human Design standpoint in light of the sun moving into the Gate 9 {energies of intense focus} tomorrow and its location in the bodygraph. Though the Gate 9 is located in the Sacral, the 9-52 channel connects the sacral to the root and my gut feel is that this transit is going to pave the way for some much needed bio-energetic>>>evolutionary shifts that are coming down the pike. Reflecting on this further, now, even the current configuration of the 34 in the sun and the 20 in the earth {Masculine and Feminine energies} the 57-20 {Venus and Earth} and the 34-57 {Sun and Venus} that have been at play have set a truly catalytic stage for this activated shift to take place.

So, there’s this very powerful interplay of Masculine and Feminine energies happening right now. It’s almost like they’re co-creating the space for this to happen; co-collaborating in a way that wasn’t possible before. It’s like 5D problem solving — each side bringing their highest and best to the table.

The Masculine and Feminine archetypes are being illuminated (the flame has been lit under the kettle so to speak), we have the energy for increased awareness around the shifts that are happening with the ‘old’ AND the sustained energy to support our actions around making these new changes in our daily lives and in the larger picture — WOW!!!

What a powerful (and empowering) configuration this is! And so interesting to look at these transits through a practical and an evolutionary lens as well. On a personal level, it’s given me a wonderful boost of energy that I don’t normally have ready access to and it’s assisted me with writing, and communication in general. It’s definitely enhanced my intuition and thus allowed me to support some people who are very precious to me– holding the space for them to finally arrive at some clarity that was so dearly needed.

How have these energies shown up for you? I’m wondering if you’ve had a deeper or hightened awareness of what’s been simmering in the evolutionary pot so to speak 🙂 If so, I would love to hear about it and invite you to share your thoughts.

Wishing you all so much love and peace,


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