Madeleine St. Jacques was introduced to the Human Design system through a class called “Parenting by Design”, taught by her teacher and mentor, Karen Curry. Recognizing the magnitude of its importance and impact, she became immediately and profoundly inspired, and hasn’t looked back since! As a mom of a highly-spirited and uniquely gifted daughter, Madeleine quickly became aware that her child was truly “different” and wise beyond her years. Her husband and she were in unchartered waters and had no roadmap or instruction manual. Traditional parenting strategies did not apply and were not effective. They needed a new parenting paradigm! How would they support their child’s magnificently unique gifts and abilities and make sure she could do the simple, practical things like brush her teeth, get to bed on time, and eat her broccoli?

Madeleine’s goal as a mom was to discover a method of parenting that would ultimately teach her child how to be self-empowered, feel lovable, and be capable. To model this effectively, she needed to be able to do this for herself. Clearing her own personal conditioning and patterns quickly became a priority for her, and Human Design showed her how to do this with unparalleled compassion and understanding. Madeleine parents by design and is passionate about teaching other parents how to do the same. She truly enjoys partnering with clients and supporting their journeys. One of the ways she does this is by ensuring that you walk away from a session equipped with hands-on, practical strategies that you can integrate and apply immediately. If interested in an appointment or more information, Madeleine invites you to e-mail her.


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