Human Design Readings & Sessions for Individuals, Relationships, and Families

What’s Included: Your Chart(s), Audio Recording of Your Session, Introduction to How to Read Your Chart

1. Human Design Discovery Session
A Discovery Session provides you with a 60-minute overview of your unique energy map. We cover all the major aspects and themes focusing on the decision-making and life strategies that are correct for you. Sessions take place over the phone or in-person (locally).

After your purchase, I will reach out to you by phone or email you to schedule your session at our mutual convenience.

$125.00 – One 60-minute session.

2. In-depth Human Design Session

This is a more comprehensive, Human Design session which addresses all aspects of your energy map with all the depth and detail that 90-minutes will allow 🙂 Questions? Please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about what can be covered during these sessions. Sessions take place over the phone or in-person (locally).

$175 – One 90-minute session


This 75-minute reading addresses the dynamics and electro-magnetics between two charts. Ideal for all types of partnerships (Business, Friendships, etc.) You will walk away from this session equipped with hands-on, practical strategies that you can begin to integrate and apply immediately. Strategies that will engender a deeper respect, understanding, and love for your partner.

$197 – One 75-minute Relationship Reading


Family readings provide you with an in-depth analysis of all the members of your household. Each family member will receive their own individual Human Design Chart.  If you are a parent, this reading is a must!  You will learn how to best support  your child’s gifts, strengths and create harmony in your family. You will gain a clear understanding of your family’s energy dynamics and walk away with a fresh perspective of your family unit as a constellation. You’ll discover how to respect and honor the needs of your family members without sacrificing yourself or your energy in the process.

$495 – Family Readings
***Payment Plan Option – 3 Payments of $165***


5. FAMILY COACHING: Create Harmony in Your Household
Discover a method of parenting that paves the way for your child to feel self-empowered, lovable, capable, and valued. You’ll be equipped with hands-on, practical strategies that you can integrate and apply immediately. As a family coach, my desire and goal is for each member to feel empowered and resilient. We’ll go beyond traditional parenting strategies and explore new paradigms and approaches that are positive and effective.

A more in-depth exploration of what’s covered during Family Readings. Each family member receives a Human Design Chart. We’ll begin with a Family Assessment, review the family’s charts and goals, and will meet for a mutually agreed upon number of sessions to address and support your family’s needs.

Questions? Email me for more information.  Coaching packages are available.


REPORTS *NEW*  You now have the option of ordering a WRITTEN OR AUDIO REPORT of your chart analysis instead of a phone session. For those who aren’t chat-on-the-phone types and would prefer other ways of receiving their information, no worries : )

Includes: “Chart Synthesis” – Your energy blueprint from A to Z. A written synthesis of the rich tapestry that is ‘you’ – very detailed and thorough); Introduction to How to Read Your Human Design Chart.
*Order Your Written Report Here*

*Order Your Audio Report Here*
AUDIO REPORTS include an mP3 recording of your chart synthesis; Introduction to How to Read Your Chart

 Questions? Send me a note — I’d love to hear from you



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