“Dear Madeleine,
It was an empowering experience for me to have my first Human Design General Session with you.  I so enjoyed everything you had to say and learned so much that I wanted to continue learning more with several Strategy sessions which help me live my design.  The knowledge of Human Design is very powerful, but living the design is key.  You helped  teach me how to be a Generator which I am doing now.  Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and ongoing support.  It is clear you are passionate about helping others and Human Design!
Jill Preston, Astrologer & Voice Actress
Working with Madeleine has helped me understand who I really am, what I am designed to do and BE in this world, and how to honor my design and live in alignment with — instead of in struggle with — myself. The Human Design work I’m doing with Madeleine has shifted the way I work, the way I parent, and the way I relate to my family and friends (and myself!). And, Madeleine’s sense of humor, wonder, and joy has kept the work we’ve done grounded in the practical reality of life unfolding. I wish that everyone I know could have a piece of what I’ve received from Madeleine!
~Anne S., Teacher and Artist
I highly recommend a Human Design session with Madeleine St.Jacques, especially if you are considering changing your career. Madeleine is a very talented life coach. I gained some valuable insight as to why my past decision-making strategies weren’t successful or right for me, based on my unique talents and personality traits. Thank you, Madeleine for helping me to understand my true purpose in this life time and for giving me the courage to live my full potential.
~Angel Medici (Projector)
Madeleine St.Jacques is a professional, upbeat, intelligent woman who considers not only the needs, but also the personality of her clients. Enthusiastic and creative, she understands how to highlight her clients’ strengths. She enjoys celebrating the achievement of every goal. Highly collaborative, Madeleine enjoys communicating with others and uses her gentle, yet effective presence to make the world a better place, whatever she is working on. When Madeleine is on your team, you’ve got a coach, cheerleader, and team player by your side for winning results!
~Ilona Hress,
President, Growing Consciousness, LLC
Madeleine St Jacques is an excellent practitioner. My Human Design session was very thorough and very enlightening. It verified many things for me and also opened my eyes to some things that I was unaware of. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in self introspection and in having a guideline to their path.
~Marie Oliver, M.Ed. Optimum Energy & Wellness
My Human Design session with Madeleine was nothing short of astounding. She told me things about myself I always ‘felt’ were true but could never put into words. Her knowledge of Human Design combined with her own intuitive gifts brought such clarity to challenging situations in my life. She spoke about me and my circumstances with such accuracy; it’s as if she lived my life for a week. Thanks to Madeleine, I saw how I played a part in creating those challenging situations and allowed myself to let go of what I had no control over. Living according to my Human Design is the key to a less stressful, more fulfilling life. Thank you, Madeleine!
~Benjamin S., Professional Writer and Communications Specialist

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